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Red By Kiss Styler/Fixer Extreme Hold Braiding Gel


Styler Fixer Braiding Gel – Extreme Hold is designed to provide extra firm hold for thick & coarse hair with high shine to make your braids look neat and treated. Enriched with Certified Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Honey Extract, you may maintain your braids more hydrated and nourished without flaking or crisp parts.

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Extreme Hold works on all types of hair, including thick & coarse hair.
Enriched with Certified Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil & Honey Extract

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【Extreme Hold & High Shine】 The Styler Fixer Braiding Gel offers an unmatched combination of extreme hold and high shine, ideal for all hair types and styles. It ensures long-lasting hold without sticky or flaky residue, meeting the needs of reviewers who seek reliable performance.
【Organic Nourishment for Braids】 Enriched with Certified Organic Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Honey Extract, this gel keeps braids hydrated and nourished. Users appreciate the natural ingredients that ensure hair looks soft, healthy, and sleek without any residue.
【Versatile Styling for All Occasions】 Whether it’s a special event or everyday neatness, the Styler Fixer Braiding Gel is a top choice. It’s praised for providing a polished look that keeps braids fresh and neat, becoming a staple in users’ hair care routines.
【Optimal Application for Sleek Results】 For the best outcome, applying a generous amount to the roots and along the braids is recommended. Following up with Styler Fixer Foam Mousse adds moisture, ensuring braids stay sleek and polished, as testified by satisfied users.
【Complete Braiding System for Maximum Benefits】 Our Styler Fixer braiding system is specially designed to provide the best results when used together as a complete set. The FOAM MOUSSE & BRAID SHEEN REFRESHER is formulated to hydrate and soothe the hair and scalp. Using these products before and after braiding your hair with the Braiding Gel will prevent any flaky residue.

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