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Ebin Braid Formula Super Hold Dr. Feel Good

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Ebin Braiding Gel with Cooling Sensation, the perfect solution for those who want to look good while feeling cool and refreshed! Our unique formula is specially designed to keep your hair neat and tidy while providing a cool, refreshing sensation not only for your scalp but hands as well. Our Braiding Gel with Cooling Sensation is perfect for all hair types and textures, and is suitable for use on natural, relaxed, or color-treated hair to achieve a clean, polished look for their braids, twists, or any other protective hairstyle. A high-quality braiding gel that not only provides a firm hold but also leaves your scalp feeling cool, refreshed, and invigorated! [MENTHOL-INFUSED] Braiding Gel is specially formulated with menthol, which provides a cooling and soothing sensation to the scalp and hands, helping to reduce any discomfort or irritation during the braiding process. [Super HOLD] gel provides a strong and long-lasting hold, keeping your braids or twists in place all day long. It’s perfect for creating neat and polished styles that will last from morning till night. [LIGHTWEIGHT] Braiding Gel is lightweight and non-greasy, so your hair won’t feel weighed down or sticky. It’s perfect for all hair types and textures, whether your hair is natural, relaxed, or color-treated. [CRUELTY FREE] Cruelty free, vegan friendly with hair loving ingredients. Let your hair look fabulous with only the best ingredients.

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